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Florida Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

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Financial Incentives

  Corporate Tax Credit
  Green Building Incentive
  Industry Recruitment/Support
  Local Rebate Program
  Other Incentive
  Production Incentive
  Property Tax Exemption
  Sales Tax Exemption
  State Grant Program
  State Rebate Program
  Utility Grant Program
  Utility Loan Program
  Utility Rebate Program
  Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Incentives

Rules, Regulations & Policies

  Building Energy Code
  Contractor Licensing
  Energy Standards for Public Buildings
  Equipment Certification
  Generation Disclosure
  Net Metering
  Renewables Portfolio Standard
  Solar Access Law/Guideline
  Solar and Wind Access Law
  Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Policies

Related Programs & Initiatives   

  • Green Power Network: Buying Green Power in Your State 
    The U.S. Department of Energy's Green Power Network provides news and information on green power markets and related activities. This site provides state-by-state information on Green Power Marketing in Competitive Electricity Markets and Utility Green Pricing Programs.

    In addition, the site lists marketers of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)(also known as green tags or tradable renewable certificates), which represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from a renewable energy project. Whether or not consumers have access to green power through their local utility or a competitive electricity marketer, consumers can purchase RECs without having to switch electricity suppliers.

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